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Board Members

The Fountain Project Foundation, Inc. is funded 100% by donations from lectures given quarterly and by public donations. The entire staff of volunteers donate their time to support the Fountain Project Foundation, Inc.. None of the Board of Directors or volunteers is compensated for their positions on the Board or committees.

Mr. Richard Bodensteiner, Board Member

Rick has studied Dayan Qi Gong with the Wen Wu School for 10 years and has worked over 30 years as an engineer and manager for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries, and is currently a consultant to those same industries. He desires to use his leadership, organizational, and creative skills to help the Fountain Project reach its mission of providing Eastern and Western medicine to those who can not afford it.

Ms. Hui Liu Chiang, Board Member Emerita

• Founder
• Qi Gong Master
• Former instructor

Bruce Pao, Executive Director

Mr. Bruce Pao is an architect and served as FP President from 2010-2011. He founded IPA Design, a full service architecture and design studio, in 1985. IPA has completed a number of commercial, hotel, spa and residential projects for clients in the SF Bay Area, Napa, Oregon and Cabo San Lucas.

Since 1987, he has incorporated the principles of Feng Shui into Residential and Commercial environments and has lectured extensively on Feng Shui and related aspects of Interior Design and Architecture at UC Berkeley Extension, Academy of Art University and FIDM.

Bruce has been practicing Qigong at Wen Wu School since 1992 and teaching the first set since 2002. In 2009, he became certified to teach the second set. In addition to Qigong, he offers yearly presentations on Feng Shui and has studied traditional Chinese brush painting and calligraphy with Master Hui Liu at the studio.

Ann Larson, Vice President 

Ann has a BA in English Literature, a good communicator on paper, and has strong editing skills. She is very devoted to the FP and has been involved with Volunteer work since 2001. She has been on the medical teams and works in the FP office for many years. As the New VP, she is going to contribute one day a week at the office to help write the grants and funds to develop the FP.

Erlene Chiang

Dr. Erlene Chiang, LAc, OMD, board member, began offering free treatments in 2001 at 4 times a year in a Buddhist temple in Ukiah. As the need for medical attention there grew, she started recruiting colleagues of Chinese medicine and western medicine to volunteer in serving the residents of Ukiah.  Since 2010, the Foundation offers 10 free clinic annually, 6 times in Ukiah and 4 times in El Cerrito.

Erlene has worked 28 years as a licensed acupuncturist in El Cerrito in her private practice.  She saw the possibility of changing one’s diet and lifestyle patterns to improve one’s health. Patients are trained with health conscious and health independence. During the 11 years of serving on the volunteer medical team, she understands the need to reach out to families that could never have a chance to be educated and taught about self healing. Through the practice of the free clinics, Fountain Project utilizes the best of medicine and education to teach patients to change and make a big difference in their own health care by Qigong exercises, self-acupressure, diet change and lifestyle changes.

Peggy Dey, Secretary

Ms. Peggy Dey, board member, is a somatic therapist and has been practicing in the Bay Area since l979. She began training in 1972 with a special focus on Asian Systems which she taught at McKinnon Institute for 13 years. She has a long standing interest in movement re-education and her training had been in Asian dance, Acupressure, Eutony and Formative Psychology before starting her Qigong training in l996. She completed the teacher training in Qigong in l999 and has been teaching it ever since at Kaiser Oakland, Richmond Adult School and Senior Centers and at the Wen Wu School. She has been a volunteer at Charlotte Maxwell Clinic in Oakland since l996 and most recently has been with clients in the end stages of their life.

Anne Smith, Chair

Ms. Anne Smith, board member
• an advocate, arts professional, consultant and educator serving a variety of interests nationally and internationally.
• Widely traveled: Japan, Korea, Australia, China, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Taiwan, and Northern Italy
• BA English, State University of New York, MA Humanities & Curriculum, Columbia University, DPA Golden Gate University.Specialties: Arts management executive experience, organizational training and mentoring, arts organization developmental research, strategic planning and governance, arts advocacy, humanities and arts management curriculum and teaching.

Loc Huynh, President

Loc has been a board member since 2005, and was elected President effective January 2017. He is a licensed acupuncturist and teaches Shaolin gongfu at Wen Wu School.