2014 Summer Healing Tea

Instructions:  Scoop one tablespoon of powder into a cup.  Mix well with 6 oz of hot boiling water.  Drink 1 cup daily. Served warm.


• Lotus root (hydrate the body and
• Raw sunflower seeds (organic)
• Sliced almonds (organic)
• Coconut (organic)
• Pine nuts (organic)
• Goji berries and cranberries (both
• Saffron flowers
• Chi Hu, Bai He, lotus root, Huang Qi,
Mai men dong (organic)

Distributed by Fountain Project Foundation, Inc.
All proceeds will benefit Fountain Project
10124 San Pablo Avenue,
El Cerrito, CA 94530


Manufactured 7/20/14
Expires 9/20/14

To order the tea, contact info@fountainproject.org
or call FP at (510) 524-1057